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Create customized pitch decks, track prospect engagement, and analyze sales data. Elevate your buyer interactions and revolutionize your sales process with our feature-packed software.

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Track and Analyze Engagement​
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Discover the full potential of our software designed to easily and securely share your pitch deck with a wide audience, track who has viewed it, and measure its effectiveness.

Design Your Perfect Pitch Deck

Building your pitch deck is a breeze with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Choose from 110k+ templates and 1 million+ high-quality photos. Already have a pitch deck? Great! Import PowerPoints, images, videos, and more.

Design your perfect pitch

Effortless Sharing & Communication

Send presentations via email or text without logins or downloads. Engage prospects with real-time voice calls, recorded videos, or AI audio narration. Get personalized phone numbers, URLs, and QR codes for easy sharing.

Effortless Sharing & Communication

Track & Analyze Engagement

Gain valuable insights on both individual and global levels. Analyze viewing duration, identify critical points, and seamlessly integrate with your CRM for enhanced prospect interactions and sales and marketing performance.

Track & Analyze Engagement

Design Your Pitch Deck

Intuitive Drag & Drop Editor

Design professional presentations using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Explore a vast collection of 110k+ templates and access 1 million+ photos to enhance your presentations.

Personalize Slides with Video and Audio

Guide prospects through your pitch with our video bubble feature or audio-guided narration. Record right in the app or upload to Slidecast. Don't like the sound of your voice, try our AI-generated audio feature.

Already have a pitch deck? Great!

Import your PowerPoints and easily upload images, videos, gifs, and more. With our integrated Canva feature, designing and exporting become a breeze.

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Design Your Pitch Deck​
Pitch Deck Sharing​
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Pitch Deck Sharing

Contact Database Management

Effortlessly manage all your contacts in one place. Sync and organize your contact database within Slidecast.

Multiple Ways to Share

Utilize your new virtual number to send presentations via text or email. Deliver live presentations directly from one device to another without downloading software. You can even engage prospects with real-time video calls.

Enhanced Sharing Features

Customize your presentation link, copy, and share with ease. Download QR codes for easy sharing on sales or marketing collateral. 

Track and Analyze Engagement​

Get the data you need to connect with your prospects, understand where they are in the sales funnel, answer their questions effectively, and ultimately close the deal.

Real-time Analytics

Track QR Code Scans

Locations & Device Data

Average Time on Slide

Real-time Analytics
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Track and Analyze Engagement​
Integrate with Your Existing Tools and Workflows

Integrate with Your Existing Tools and Workflows

Enhance your sales force's potential by integrating Slidecast with your existing tools and workflows.

You have complete control over contact management with easy integration into leading CRMs and Google Contacts sync. Integrate Slidecast effortlessly with your marketing campaigns to synchronize data. Automate prospect communications based on their behavior using Workflow Triggers, ensuring personalized and timely interactions.

Our clients shared their love for Slidecast

Hear what these users have to say about Slidecast.

We are thoroughly impressed with Slidecast's innovative platform, which has significantly enhanced our communication strategies. As the nation's largest enrollment firm, we rely on impactful presentations to engage our audience, and Slidecast has become an indispensable tool in achieving that goal. The seamless integration of audio narration with visually captivating slides has elevated the way we deliver information, making our messages more compelling and memorable. Navigating the website was intuitive, and the range of features offered showcases Slidecast's commitment to empowering effective communication. We commend Slidecast for their contribution to transforming how we connect with our clients and workforce.

Audrey E.
Audrey E.

Manager, BPA

With the use of Slidecast... having instantaneous feedback on a potential customer's level of engagement proves invaluable in helping to tailor specific follow-up actions by our sales team. The analytics helps us develop other Slidecast presentations in other marketing campaigns.

Leonard T.
Leonard T.

Operator, Byrider

I am very grateful we had Slidecast when COVID hit, because it allowed us to reach customers who we could no longer meet with face to face. It was a game-changer because it made it so easy for us to demonstrate what we do.

Dan L.
Dan L.

Franchise Owner, Freedom Boat Club

We discovered that we could help a lot more people than ever before because Slidecast gives us the ability to meet remotely with people who live too far away or unable (for other reasons) to visit us in person.

Gary J.
Gary J.

VIP, InventHelp

Get the Ultimate Sales Engagement Software

Discover the full potential of our software designed to easily and securely share your pitch deck with a wide audience, track who has viewed it, and measure its effectiveness all in one platform.



Create beautiful presentations with access to 110k+ templates and 1 million+ high-quality photos, and much more—no Credit Card Required.



Everything that is included in the Free plan, plus the ability to add audio/video to your slides, and increased sharing capabilities. 



Everything you get with the Creator plan, unlimited sharing capabilities, and advanced slide analytics. 

Best Value



All the features from Pro but with white-labeled presentations and powerful workflow integrations to leading software like SalesForce and HubSpot.

*Pricing may vary depending on the level of dedicated support and number of users.