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August 9, 2021

Sales enablement is the essential task of giving your sales team the resources that they need to succeed. The better you prepare your sales team, the more likely they are to close deals for your business. 

One of the most effective tools that you can give your sales team is Slidecast. Slidecast can improve your sales team’s ability to communicate with potential clients, give them a powerful way of presenting a sales message, connect your sales and marketing teams, and enable a better understanding of prospect responses to marketing messages.

How Can Slidecast Help You to Enable Your Sales Team Better?

Connect Marketing and Sales

At any company, marketing and sales are interdependent. Marketing attracts customers and encourages the first contact, while sales completes the transaction. Both of these teams need to be enabled to do well in their own right. However, they also have to have an intimate knowledge of how the other team operates to understand the complete client experience. 

Slidecast presentations can be shared between marketing and sales teams so that there is no confusion between them. This clarity is extremely important in order to prevent false promises that can lead to client dissatisfaction and lost sales. 

Slidecast presentations that are advertised by marketing can lead effortlessly into the presentations that are shared with prospects by sales, presenting an integrated experience for customers.

Enable Rapid, Thorough Communication With Prospects

If your sales team is struggling to communicate what your company has to offer to potential customers, you can bet that sales are being lost. Slidecast puts highly effective presentation sharing in the hands of your sales team so that they can communicate what your company has to offer quickly and easily. 

Your sales team doesn’t need to be in the office or even near a computer to land a sale. All they have to do is share a link via text message, email, etc. with a client to show them what your company has to offer. 

Give Your Sales Team Powerful Analytics

The more that your sales team understands how clients are responding to their sales pitch, the better able they’ll be to adapt and improve. Slidecast offers in-depth analytics that let your sales team see which presentations have been viewed and how long clients are spending on each slide. 

This knowledge can help your sales team to improve presentations and understand more about how a given client may be feeling about what your company has to offer.

Better Sales Enablement Through Slidecast

The better you enable your sales team, the better your sales results will be. Slidecast is a dynamic tool that gives your company the power to connect marketing and sales, improve communication between sales teams and potential customers, and analyze prospect responses to presentations.

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