Main Features

The Simplest Way to Share and Track Presentations on any device, in a single click. No software installation. No downloads. No BS.

The best presentation platform for delivering…

  • Sales Presentations
  • Training Presentations
  • Pitch Presentations
  • Onboarding Presentations
  • Education Presentations
Slidecast Features
Product Overview

Leverage different modalities, create various types of presentations, and deliver them in new ways


Import your PowerPoints

  • Start using Slidecast features on the PowerPoint presentations you already have!
  • No more worrying about software versions or having the right fonts installed
  • Simplify your presentation toolkit – presentation tool, communication tool, analytics tool, CRM tool, all in one
Import powerpoint presentations in Slidecast
Automatically generate videos in presentations with Slidecast


Automatically generate videos of your presentations

  • Nailed your last sales presentation and would love to have a video version of that? Now you can.
  • Slidecast can create MP4 videos of the audio of your presentation combined with the slides – they see your slides and hear your presentation as they watch the video file
  • Build a training library of presentations
  • Develop infoproducts


Upload audio files to spice up your presentations in new ways


Use the Slidecast audio upload feature to play pre-recorded audio clips for the slides of your presentation…

  • Create a self-guided presentation experience, where the prospect clicks through the slides, hearing your presentation for each slide as they go
  • Play an audio recording of a customer’s testimonial
  • Deliver the best version of your presentation, of every slide, every time
Upload audio files in presentations with Slidecast
Use video slides in presentations with Slidecast


Use video slides in your presentations

  • Embed Youtube or Vimeo videos directly into your presentation
  • Share screencasts, testimonial videos, explainer videos, training videos, team introduction clips, and more, through Slidecast’s video slides


Use HTML slides in your presentations

  • Build highly customizable HTML pages to use as slides in your presentation
  • Create auto-customized slide content, tailored to the person you are speaking with
  • Slidecast comes with many built-in HTML slide templates
Use HTML slides in presentations with Slidecast
Use image slides in presentations with Slidecast


Use image slides in your presentations

  • Incorporate images, logos, charts, graphics into your slides, or use as the entire slide


Use Web App slides in your presentations

  • Create interactive slides
  • Allow your customer to sign within the presentation
  • Generate specific content
  • Allow them to interact with the slide in a particular way
Use Web App slides in presentations with Slidecast

Start testing out Slidecast for free

(give it a go and soon you’ll wonder how you ever went without it)

Present Your Way

Unlock new methods of presentations delivery, with Slidecast’s 4 presentation styles

Guided Slidecasts (1 on 1 presentations)

They see what you see. Guide the prospect through the presentation slides in real time.

Self-Guided Slidecasts

Allow the prospect to review the slides independently and at their own pace, through pre-recorded audios that guide the prospect through the presentation at a set pace

Face-to-Face Slidecasts

Meet face-to-face and guide prospects through the presentation on their own devices or on a shared screen

Broadcast Slidecasts (one to many presentation)

A Slidecast where any number of people can join. These are ideal for when you’re in a conference environment, or hosting an online meeting and would like your audience to look at your presentation on their devices. The benefit is that their device becomes the canvas for your content as you lead the whole group through.

Launch Your Way

Easily launch your presentations from any iPhone, Mac, Android, or PC device

Launch by Email

Email a link for prospects to instantly access your presentation, no tech or installs required

Launch by Text

Send a link via text message for prospects to open your presentation via any phone with internet access

Customize communications with prospects and presentation recipients in Slidecast
Communicate Your Way

Slidecast includes a variety of options for customizing your communications with prospects and presentation recipients

  • Two-Way Texting
  • Voice Calling
  • Conference Calling (20 Callers)
  • Custom “From” Email

Start testing out Slidecast for free

(give it a go and soon you’ll wonder how you ever went without it)


Integrate with Your Existing Tools and Workflows

Easily integrate your Slidecast account with the tools and workflows that you already use (CRMs, marketing and process automation tools, and more)

Integrate Slidecast with…


CRM (Customer relationship management)


Graphic Design Platform


CRM (Customer relationship management)


CRM (Customer relationship management)

Google Contacts

Contact management

Facebook Lead Ads



CRM (Customer relationship management)


Workflow automation

Google Sheets

Contact management


Contracts & Signatures


Landing Page Platform


Communications and organization tool

Create Workflow Triggers to automatically…

  • Sync and add leads with your CRM
  • Sync with your marketing campaigns
  • Trigger automatic prospect communications based on their behavior


Create Workflow Triggers to automatically in Slidecast
Advanced Analytics

Gain Insights About Your Prospects and Presentations with Slidecast Analytics


Access detailed analytics that show you exactly how contacts interact with your presentations, with metrics like:

  • Most and least viewed slides
  • Average time on slide
  • Percentage of presentations fully completed
  • Dropoff and sticking points in your presentations
  • Timeline of interactions / communications with specific prospects


Slidecast advanced analytics
Slidecast global account analytics


Global Account Analytics

Monitor analytics across all of your presentations in a centralized dashboard, with stats like completion rate, total time spent viewing presentations, and more.


Presentation Analytics

    Dive deep into the exact interactions with every part of your presentation, with analytics for each slide, including time spent on each slide, and which slides caused people to close the presentation early.

    Slidecast presentation analytics
    Slidecast presentation history analytics


    Presentation History

    Track the detailed histories for each of your presentations. See when each presentation was given, how long the total presentation was, and how much time was spent on each slide during the presentation. 

    (Wait…so I can use this to compare time spent on slides when I give a presentation versus when someone goes through it on their own?! Yes, please!)


    Contact History

      Access a timeline of interactions with each contact, including when you gave them a presentation, how long it lasted, and follow-ups you sent. You can also use our built-in integrations to automatically push the contact history of each prospect to your CRM.

      Slidecast contact history analytics

      Start testing out Slidecast for free

      (give it a go and soon you’ll wonder how you ever went without it)

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