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Canva integration

Canva Integration

How to streamline your sales processes’ popular integrations to other leading platforms?

What is a Canva Integration?

The integration connects your organization’s data, applications, and tools to help your teams be more efficient, productive, and agile. You can use Canva integrations to connect the design tools of Canva to other types of tools, such as social media or presentation delivery platforms.

Your organization is already using quite a few different digital tools and software, and integrations are how you can minimize having to switch back and forth between tools or endless copying and pasting and data entry admin. Or even automate specific repetitive tasks. All without a programmer.

The Benefits of Canva Apps and Integrations

Canva integrations are an excellent way to streamline graphic design, presentation design, and social media graphics processes.
They’ve connected apps for accessing content libraries, adding image effects, and sharing designs through publishing apps.

Canva Apps and Integrations can Help You:

Skip the importing and exporting between platforms: Once you create a design in Canva, you can download the file (in various formats) and then upload it to whatever platform you plan to use it on. The only problem is that having to import and export designs is both a hassle and can break your designs if they get automatically converted.

Share designs in new ways: Use Canva’s integrations to tools like Slidecast to do even more with the designs you create, whether it’s pushing them to a presentation, worksheet, or a marketing email campaign (more on this point in a moment)

Create more sophisticated designs: Use Canva’s integrations with content libraries to incorporate more design assets, templates, and stock photos into your assets. Use Canva’s integrations with specialized design tools to add an extra layer to your design capabilities, whether it’s a new way to edit the images you add or create unique effects.

Post and publish faster: Canva integrates with several apps to help you share, post, and publish your new designs directly through Canva. This both simplifies and streamlines the process dramatically.

Reduce human error: Human error in sales can be quite costly, so it’s always worth exploring ways to avoid having your teams do everything manually. When it comes time to use your designs from Canva, you can use app integrations to directly push your designs to the other platform instead of needing to convert files or copy over designs, which reduces the circumstances where an error could occur.

What’s the Number 1 Canva Integration for Sales Presentations?

Introducing…The Canva-Slidecast Integration

If you are looking for a better way to deliver and track the presentations you’ve designed in Canva…there is one integration that stands above the rest, called Slidecast. With this integration, it’s the world’s best graphic design tool meeting the world’s best presentation sales enablement tool.

Slidecast’s integration with Canva allows you to design beautiful presentation slides (or any other elements) with Canva’s powerful design tools and push them to your Slidecast presentation in a few clicks.

Slidecast is designed to help you streamline and scale your business presentations, pitches, and product demos. Efficiently deliver presentations, track presentation engagement, and send follow-ups to their Canva contacts.

More than 250,000 presentations have been delivered through the platform, with 41,000 hours of attention from prospects on user presentations.

Using Slidecast for Presentations Designed with Canva Gives You…

Seamless Integration of Design and Presentation Delivery

A seamless connection between presentation creation and delivery is made possible by Slidecast’s integration with Canva. With the help of Canvas’s robust design tools, you can easily create beautiful presentation slides or any other design element. When your designs are complete, the integration lets you quickly push them to your Slidecast presentation in just a few clicks. By using this simplified process, you can be sure that your Canva presentation will be visually appealing and powerful, enhancing your overall message and leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Professional and Visually Stunning Presentations

You can make polished presentations with eye-catching graphics by combining Slidecast and Canva. You can quickly alter your slides to conform to your brand identity and preferred aesthetic using Canva’s extensive library of templates, graphics, and typography options. Whether you need to design a pitch deck, a product demo, or a business proposal, Slidecast and Canva integration give you the tools to create captivating presentations that engage and inspire your audience.

Effortless Collaboration and Design Iterations

The integration of Slidecast and Canva enhances collaboration and the ease of design iterations. With Canva’s collaborative tools, you can easily collaborate with your team or clients and let them make real-time design changes. Due to the integration with Slidecast, any design modifications or updates made in Canva are immediately reflected in your Slidecast presentation. The time and effort saved by this collaborative and iterative workflow let you quickly produce polished and refined presentations.

Enhanced Brand Consistency

A professional and cohesive image for your business depends on maintaining brand consistency throughout your presentations. You can seamlessly incorporate your brand elements into your presentations by integrating Slidecast and Canva. Ensure that your presentations follow your brand guidelines and strengthen your brand identity by paying attention to details like fonts, colors, logos, and imagery. Consistent branding increases your credibility and makes it easier for customers to recognize and relate to your company on a deeper level.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Your time and resources when creating presentations are optimized through the integration between Slidecast and Canva. Even if you don’t have any experience with graphic design, you can quickly create visually appealing slides using Canva’s user-friendly design tools and templates. There is no longer a need for manual file transfers or to recreate designs in presentation software due to the seamless push to Slidecast. Without wasting valuable time or effort, this effective workflow enables you to concentrate on creating compelling content and giving engaging presentations.

Dynamic and Interactive Presentations

The integration of Slidecast and Canva allows you to design engaging presentations that engage your audience. You can easily include videos, GIFs, interactive elements, and more in your designs because of the wide variety of multimedia options available in Canva for presentations and other designs. Your presentations take on a life of their thanks to these interactive elements, which increase audience interest and retention. You can deliver immersive presentations with lasting impact because Slidecast’s compatibility ensures these dynamic elements are preserved.

Enhanced Engagement and Audience Retention

You can significantly improve audience retention and engagement by utilizing the features of Slidecast and Canva. Your audience will be focused and engrossed throughout your presentation due to Canva’s visually appealing designs and Slidecast’s interactive features. With the help of Slidecast’s integration with Canva, you can make presentations that stand out and leave an impact by incorporating animations, slide transitions, or embedded multimedia. Improved information retention and a greater chance of reaching your presentation goals result from this increased engagement.

Who Uses Canva’s Slidecast Integration?

Two of the most popular use cases for using Canva’s Slidecast integration (although there are others):

Small Business (SMBs): Virtual presentations are a daily occurrence for most organizations, whether it’s a set of slides for training teams, pitching investors, showcasing case studies, onboarding a client, or a general marketing presentation. Small business owners are using Slidecast + Canva to create more and better presentations to train, pitch, onboard, and market better.

Marketing and Sales Teams: sales pitches, product demos, and other slide-based presentations are the bread and butter for marketing and sales teams, with remote selling being the standard sales environment. Sales and marketing teams are getting fantastic results from having Canva to empower the designs for their presentations and Slidecast for the presentation analytics, engagement tools, and delivery mechanisms. Slidecast + Canva allows them to create more and better presentations to close more deals.

How to Use the Slidecast – Canva Integration

First, make sure you’ve signed up for a Free Slidecast Account.

How to Add Canva Designs to Slidecast

Open Canva, go to Discover Apps, and search “Slidecast.”

Discover Canva Apps

Click-use in a new design.

use in new design

You can copy elements from Slidecast to Canva as well.

Elements from Slidecast to Canva
Use design in Canva from Slidecast
Design your slides in Canva however you’d like
Design slides in canva

Once you’re done, click Share, select Slidecast, and then push your new designs to whichever Canva or PowerPoint presentation you plan to use.

Share canva presentation

What are Other Common Canva Integrations?

There are over 100 apps that integrate with Canva via their app marketplace, including…


Add a shadow around your images. Take a 2-D image and give it a 3-D effect to help it stand out in your design.

Smart Mockups

Transform any image into a product markup.

Color Mix

Apply quirky color combinations. Look at the world with rainbow-colored lenses. These fun color palettes will brighten up any photo in a unique way.

Google Photos

Add images from Google Photos to your designs. Access all your photos from google photos to capture your favorite personal moments in your designs.


Apply screen effects to your image. Whether after an analog Lino cut, look for a Lofi computer monitor feel; the screen is your go-to effect for anything retro.

Vision Simulator

Apply eight different color blind filters to an image.


Share images with Canva social, email, ads, and CMS. Drop files from Canva right into your canvas designs. Published a file manager in Canva to share on social media, liven up your emails, or broadcast beautifully with ads.


Publisher designs to sizzle to track engagement. Design with Canva and publisher designs directly to your sizzle workspace. Turn Canva presentations into living documents.

Panda Dock

Publish your designs into Panda dock documents. Inspire creativity and build confidence in sharing beautifully designed documents, easily integrating your Canva presentation templates, designs, images, and fonts into proposals and contracts“ layered with enhanced panda dock features like e-signature and payments.

FAQS About Canva Integrations

Does Canva have Integrations?

Yes – Canva has many integrations via their App Marketplace.

Can I Integrate Canva into my Website?

Yes – you can create a Canva design and get an embed code to copy it directly onto your site. Then any changes you make to the design via Canva automatically show on the embedded version.

Is There Any Fee to Integrate the Canva Button?

No – using the Canva Button to let your customers create designs is completely free.

Does Canva have an Open API?

Yes – Canva’s app development platform lets anyone create apps that add features to Canva. Apps can import content into Canva, export content out of Canva, apply effects to images, and more.

Can You Automate Canva?

While there are certain things you can automate to a certain extent with Canva, it’s not the whole kind of automation that something like Zapier allows. You could use their open API to program custom automation or the apps in their marketplace to automate particular steps in your design process.

How do I Get Canva API?

Canva has excellent developer documentation here – Canva App Development Docs

Or if you are looking for the Canva Button to let your customers make designs, that can be found here – Canva Button

How do I Forward My Domain to Canva?

Canva makes it easy to connect your domain – connect your Domain to Canva, point your domain to Canva’s servers, publish your site, and then wrap up by verifying your DNS settings. Complete documentation of steps can be found here – Canva Full Documentation.

How do I Embed a Canva Newsletter in an Email?

You can send newsletters you’ve created in Canva (they have tons of templates for this, too) through their integration with email marketing platforms (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.).

Or, directly send the newsletter as an email from Canva (Open the design that you want to share. Above the editor, click Share, and then enter the email addresses you’d like to send your design.

How do I Get Rid of Canva Watermark Hack?

The best option is to sign up for Canva Pro and unlock their excellent design tools, assets, and templates. This also removes the watermarks.
There are some tools you could use to remove the watermarks, such as iMyFone MarkGo, although not recommended because this potentially breaks the terms of service of using Canva.

How do I Get Canva Pro for Free?

Canva Pro is free for students and certain teachers / educational professionals with a .edu email address. Applicable people can create their account here – Canva Edu Signup.

Is Canva Better Than Photoshop?

Whether you prefer Canva or Photoshop depends on your skill level, needs, and subjective preferences. If you’re looking for a design tool that is fast and easy to use, with a slight learning curve, or if you have no design skills, Canva is probably right for you. If you want to create completely customized designs that you control every aspect of and tailor to a T, Photoshop might be better for your needs.

Is Canva Good for Presentations?

Canva is a fantastic tool for making polished presentations that are visually appealing. It makes it simple for users to create visually stunning slides thanks to its extensive selection of customizable templates, graphics, images, and fonts. Canva’s user-friendly interface and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality simplify the design process. Additionally, it enables collaboration, making it simple for teams to put together presentations as a unit. Canva is a well-liked option for creating exciting and powerful presentations because of its extensive library of design elements and user-friendly features.

How do I Use Canva for Presentations?

The steps below explain how to use Canva for presentations.

  1. Log in or register on Canva’s website.
  2. Choose “Presentation” under “Create a design” when prompted.
  3. Decide whether to use a template or begin from scratch.

  4. Make your slides unique by including text, pictures, shapes, and other elements. To resize and rearrange items, use drag-and-drop functionality.
  5. Double-click the text to edit it, then type your content.
  6. Modify fonts, backgrounds, and colors using the toolbar.

  7. For a dynamic presentation, add animations and transitions between slides.

  8. Preview your presentation to make sure everything appears as you want it to.
  9. To save your presentation, click “Download” and choose your preferred file format (PowerPoint or PDF).

All done! You can now make visually appealing presentations with Canva.

Are Canva Slideshows Free?

Yes, Canva provides a free version allowing users access to many features, including slideshows. With Canva’s user-friendly interface and extensive templates, graphics, and fonts library, users can easily create, personalize, and present slideshows. Canva offers a paid subscription service called Canva Pro that unlocks additional premium features like sophisticated collaboration tools, access to a more extensive collection of assets, and the many options the free version already offers. For most users, however, Canva’s free version provides enough functionality to make eye-catching slideshows without spending money.

Is Canva Better Than PPT?

Although Canva and PowerPoint (PPT) are well-liked programs for visual presentation, their functions are distinct. Canva is a graphic design tool that can be used to make visually appealing designs other than presentations because it has a large selection of templates, images, and customization options. On the other hand, PowerPoint is a presentation tool made specifically for making animated, text-based slideshows. Depending on your needs, you can choose between PPT and Canva. Canva might be a better option if you need sophisticated design capabilities and wish to produce various visual content. If making professional presentations is your primary goal, PowerPoint might be a better choice.

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