Unlock your PowerPoint's Full Potential with Slidecast: Engage, Analyze, Integrate

Create customized pitch decks, track prospect engagement, and analyze sales data. Elevate your buyer interactions and revolutionize your sales process with our feature-packed software.


Elevate Your Powerpoint Presentation Game

Build and Enhance

Start with your PowerPoint foundation, then upload to Slidecast to unlock a new realm of creativity. Incorporate AI to bring a smarter edge to your slides, embed video bubbles for a personalized touch, and add guided video or audio to steer your audience through your narrative seamlessly.

Personalize Slides with Video and Audio

Guide prospects through your pitch with our video bubble feature or audio-guided narration. Record right in the app or upload to Slidecast. Don't like the sound of your voice, try our AI-generated audio feature.

Design Perfection

With Slidecast, every slide is a canvas awaiting your innovation. The union of PowerPoint's familiar design environment and Slidecast's enhancing features pave the way for the perfect presentation.

Pitch Deck Sharing​
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Reach Your Audience Anywhere, Anytime

Boundless Sharing

Upload your contacts and share your presentation via text or email effortlessly, with the capacity to send in bulk to up to 2000 contacts per day. With Slidecast, you're not just sharing a presentation; you're starting a conversation.

QR Code Feature

Incorporate a QR code in your marketing materials to provide instant access to your presentation, bridging the physical and digital realms effortlessly.

Versatile Access and Communication

Acquire a virtual phone number through Slidecast, allowing you to call or text contacts directly from the platform. Whether one-on-one or a mass communication, Slidecast adapts to your needs, ensuring your message reaches your audience the way you intend.


Insights That Drive Actions

Slide Engagement Analytics

Delve into how each slide resonates with your audience. Discover which slides capture attention and which need a revamp, all through insightful analytics.

Location and Device Insights

Understand where and on what devices your presentations are being viewed, giving you a granular understanding of your audience's interaction.

Actionable Insights

Use the data garnered to make informed decisions for future presentations. With Slidecast, every presentation becomes a learning experience, propelling you toward perfection.

Integrate with Your Existing Tools and Workflows


CRM Integration:

Transition your PowerPoint presentations into Slidecast and connect with HubSpot, Salesforce, or Zoho to experience automation like never before. Track your audience's engagement with your slides directly in your CRM, making follow-ups and data management seamless.

Automated Workflows:

Bring your PowerPoint presentations into Slidecast and link with Zapier to create automated workflows. Enhance your productivity by triggering actions based on presentation interactions, something PowerPoint alone doesn't offer.

Design Collaboration:

Integrate Slidecast with Canva to elevate the design of your PowerPoint presentations. Enjoy a richer design experience while retaining the interactive and analytical benefits of Slidecast, delivering not just presentations but captivating experiences.

Get the Ultimate Sales Engagement Software

Discover the full potential of our software designed to easily and securely share your pitch deck with a wide audience, track who has viewed it, and measure its effectiveness all in one platform.