What to do When a Prospect Says, “It’s Not a Good Time to Buy”

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October 15, 2021

It is frustrating to have a promising lead that seems to want to buy tell you that now isn’t the right time. Here are some ways to answer this objection that may make a sale more likely and are unlikely to drive the prospect away:

“When would be a good time?” Nailing down a sales date makes it more likely that the prospect will follow through. It also makes it probable that the prospect will buy when you call back.

“What’s holding you back and can I help?”  If the cost of the product, the length of the contract, or something else is holding the prospect back from making the sale, you may be able to alleviate the issue.

Being told that you need to wait before a sale can be made isn’t nearly as satisfying as a “yes”, but it isn’t a “no” either. Knowing how to respond to a prospect who isn’t quite ready to commit makes it more likely that a sale will be forthcoming in the future. 

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